Annual Activity Plan

Private and public schools, professionals and day schools

Managing an annual activity plan generally consumes considerable time and resources for educational establishments. Thinking about optimizing processes and minimizing the aforementioned costs, Inovar+ offers a new program, Inovar PAA, as a tool capable of responding to this real need of Portuguese schools.

Presentation of Proposals

Any user can submit proposals. Depending on the scope in which they are proposed, as well as who they are directed to. The proponent monitors the status of the proposal throughout the process.

Approval of Proposals

According to what is configured, so is the approval flow. From the intermediate structures created to the final decision maker, the possibility of continuing or returning for reformulation.


Organization of activities in a summary grid, with presentation of the data collected in the proposals. Possibility of inserting initial, intermediate and final reports.

Assessment of Activities

Assessment of the quality of the work achieved, by the proponent and the target audience.

PAA balance sheet

Aggregation of data (by type of activity, cost, school, number of students involved, target audience, scheduling, …). Determination of the degree of achievement (number of activities carried out, on the scheduled date, …). Statistics presentation.

It is configurable for each organic unit, meaning it adjusts, in each context, to the usual flow of preparing the annual activity plan.

It allows online and real-time monitoring, anywhere, of all proposed activities and their current status.

Sending automatic notifications to those responsible, when there are proposals to approve.

Sending messages to proponents and promoters when a proposal is approved, returned, canceled or the activity evaluation is missing.

No other Inovar programs are required to be used.

In the case of customers of Inovar management programs: data from teachers and the school universe are automatically synchronized and planned activities will be displayed on the students’ calendar.

According to their profile, each user can present, consult, coordinate and approve activities.

It provides for the evaluation of the activities carried out, by the proponent/promoter and by the target audience.

The questionnaires to be answered when proposing and evaluating activities are dynamic and, therefore, configurable by the educational establishment, producing effects in all areas of the program.

The organization and presentation of information, equally dynamic, aims to respond to the needs of each user, meaning it is possible to customize views and filter the data entered.

The information presented in grids and graphs can be exported, giving freedom of treatment, inclusion in guiding or balance sheet documents and partial disclosure of the plan.

To support decision-making, monitoring development and reviewing the annual activity plan, it presents visual and statistical information.

It produces a standard document for the Annual Activity Plan, with a summary of information about the activities, where framing and final reflection texts can be included, as well as periodic balance sheets.