Integrated institution management system

Certified by AT

Private and public schools, professionals and day-schools

Inovar Sige is the integrated institution management system, designed to support the routines of educational communities, promoting the comfort, well-being and safety of goods and people. Streamlining processes and easy access to valuable information promotes increased service efficiency, allowing for optimization of resources and speed of response.

Inovar Sige is a solution based on web technologies that combines multimodal user identification (card, biometrics, bracelet and/or RFID button) to manage access to the school premises and specific areas, book meals and facilitate micropayments within the institution.

It is a system certified by AT, with number 963 and is properly prepared to create SAF-T(PT) files. Integrates with other Inovar products: Inovar Alunos, Inovar Ase e Inovar Pessoal.

It therefore plays an important role in the management of the institution.


Management of access to the institution based on users' schedules. Allows visitor registration.


It enables the sale of products, the loading of balances into user accounts and the management of product stock. Allows the communication with SAF-T(PT).


Allows you to schedule and cancel meals based on times defined by the institution. Control and analysis of consumption and bookings made.


It provides information in the form of dashboards and diverse reports dedicated to each area.

InovarSIGE provides the student with a set of information about their life within the school that they would not otherwise have access to, namely, consumption, entrances and exits, booking and consumption of meals, etc…

In addition, the notification system is an extremely useful vehicle for disseminating information by the Executive Council.

In terms of access control, Inovar Sige allows the identification of all students at the entrance of the institution. Upon entering, the student swipes their card on a reader at the school entrance, and their photo appears in the ‘Porteiro’ application for validation purposes.

The system also knows the student’s schedule, allowing access only to students at the time they have classes. In this way, all situations of access to the institution outside of class hours are clearly identified, and the institution can adopt the procedure it best understands.

Likewise, the system checks all students leaving the premises in a flexible way, allowing the institution to implement the procedures it deems most correct.

In terms of eliminating cash, the system’s capabilities as a means of payment allow for the total elimination of the circulation of money within the institution.

In this way, as students do not need to carry money with them, motivation for theft or bullying situations is reduced. The particular capabilities of Inovar Sige can take the elimination of cash to a higher level, namely through integration with vending and photocopying machines.

The introduction of self-service kiosks allows students to purchase tickets in advance for consumption at the bar or stationery store, which represents better use of time during breaks.

Likewise, the student can use the kiosk to schedule the meals they want to purchase, at any time of the day. The price of the meals is debited from the student’s account and their appointment is saved in the system, without the need to issue pressed tickets, simply presenting the card in the cafeteria to consume the meal.

Students can also request the issuance of certain documents from the school office through the kiosks, saving them from wasting time in queues. The system itself can also notify you when the document is ready, which also saves you unnecessary trips just to find out about the progress of the request.

The attribution of a card with a payments aspect is a means of giving young people a greater degree of responsibility and, therefore, greater autonomy, especially due to the need to manage their card balance. Furthermore, all purchases made with the Inovar Sige card are registered in the system, and the student can, at any time, consult the movements carried out on their account, with a view to avoiding consumption
uncontrolled or unnecessary.

Once again, Inovar Sige presents its pedagogical aspect, preparing students to deal with money and card payments.

Each school is obliged to maintain a set of bank accounts where funds from its various revenue centers are deposited: stationery, buffet, etc. In the case of Inovar Sige, all money handed over by system users is deposited into an account; As users make their purchases, everything comes down to transfers between accounts, greatly facilitating the work of institutions.

In the case of cafeterias, Inovar Sige allows for more profitable management, as it is possible to know exactly the number of meals purchased.

In cases where the purchase of meals “on the spot” is permitted, Inovar Sige allows a real-time count of the meals served, whether purchased in advance or purchased at the time, allowing the person responsible for the kitchen to manage the situation in the way they see fit.

Creation of faster and more effective procedures. In the case of buffets, payment by card or previously acquired ticket immediately eliminates cash and, therefore, the need for change.

This procedure contributes to increasing the quality of work of employees, who are focused on serving at the counter, not having other concerns in mind, as is the case when they also have to process payments.

The circulation of money is limited only to the points where cards are loaded. Only at this point is it necessary to check cash against the cash balance. From here on, all transactions are validated by the system and only correspond to movements between accounts, which are easily verifiable, whenever necessary.

In the case of the entrance, the system is responsible for checking the schedules of all students entering and leaving, allowing the employee to only worry about situations in which intervention is necessary. It is only necessary to ensure that all students identify themselves in the system.

Student identification in the Porter module is done by visually comparing the photograph displayed on the computer with the student who presented the card, allowing immediate detection of situations of fraud and attempts to use someone else’s card.

Additionally, the entrance can be equipped with physical or virtual turnstiles.

When an incorrect entry or exit situation is detected, the system issues an alarm, prompting the reception staff to intervene, if necessary.

Inovar Alunos

Inovar Ase

Inovar Pessoal

Cross-referencing the information stored in the system allows the immediate issuance of reports on the most varied situations covered by Inovar Sige.