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Aiming at presenting an integrated package of “best in class” modules for school management, the project brought together three technolical systems with software and hardware components, with which it aims to revolutionize management, teaching and school learning, as well as the parents/teachers/students relationship.

The project is aimed at both the portuguese and international markets, particularly those identified as priority markets by the E-xample consortium, such as Latin America and portuguese-speaking countries.

Entities and Responsabilities


Inovar +, Micro I/O and Edições ASA II assume the responsibility for providing and integrating, respectively, the academic management, operational management (software and hardware) and pedagogical management modules that make up the project.

Globaltronic takes over the provision of the needed classroom hardware.

Universidade de Aveiro tackles the scientific monitoring , collecting feedback, evaluating the merits and weaknesses of the current system and proposing adjustments to its operating processes.

The E-xample consortium is involved as an external consultant , providing strategic support in the design of the system and, through its EduLabs initiative, operational support in validating the project’s proposal.

Integration Portal

The project’s face, at each client, is the integration portal.

This tool is in charge of centralizing the authentication process of the system’s users and unifies access to the various modules in the project.

The portal also includes relevant aggregate information for the authenticated user, such as dashboards with management indicators, and teacher’s timetables.


Between 20 and 23 January 2015 Inovar +, taking advantage of their presence at the BETT London 2015 fair, promoted the presentation of the AGIRE project on a mini-conference. The lecture took place on January 24 between 11:30 am and 11h45m .

The audience was comprised of education professionals, raging from teachers to school principals, and also technological solution providers for the education sector.

The lecture consisted of a high level presentation of the system’s valences, framed by the challenges it tackles, in particular the dispersal of information in the school environment, the amount of rework and the lack of visibility into operational processes.