Integrated management system for schools and kindergartens

Certified by AT

1st Cycle Basic Education institutions and Kindergartens

Unicard Kids is a cafeteria management and time extension solution, initially developed by Microio and currently owned by Inovar+, for 1st Cycle Basic Education schools and Kindergartens, under the responsibility of Local Authorities. The solution aims to automate a set of processes related to scheduling and paying for meals, as well as school extensions. It allows citizens to schedule or request these services in a decentralized way, and for the Municipality to obtain centralized management of all inherent processes, in a simple and effective way.

Unicard Kids is a system certified by AT with number 2337, properly prepared to create SAF-T(PT) files.

The Unicard Kids Manager is a web solution that allows you to consult student records, manage cafeterias and human resources. Extracting reports and customizing the system.

Each school will have access to student records, consultation and scheduling of meals, payment of time extensions, among other features.

The supplier can launch menus via the web and consult information about scheduled meals. The meal history allows payment to suppliers according to the consumption made.

Each Guardian will be assigned a login and password, with which they can carry out operations, payments and consultations, from any device with Internet access.

It allows sales to be made instantly, even in the absence of a network, synchronizing consumption and scheduling data, as soon as the connection is reestablished.

Top-up at pre-defined locations, with operators, kiosks, e-banking or ATMs. Possibility to create a payment plan or set up automatic debit.

Each student/guardian will have access to a previously loaded account, to which a card can be associated, avoiding debts to the Municipality.

Real-time information management, enabling suppliers and schools to remotely access the system through a web interface.

Consultation of scheduled, consumed and provided meals. It allows schools, suppliers and local authorities to obtain quality reports on products/services, in addition to recording incidents.

Integration with enrollment management applications, facilitating the correct, quick and simple inclusion of school student data.