Ticketing solution

Certified by AT

sale of tickets and products

Unicard Ticket is a ticketing solution, initially developed by Microio and currently owned by Inovar+, which facilitates the sale of tickets and products, access control and other operations at visiting locations.

With Unicard Ticket it is possible to pre-define different prices for tickets, control access to venues and promote resource savings. The system allows the classification of visitors (country of origin, age, gender, among others), the extraction of reports and an effective response to legal imperatives. All of this, through a single system that communicates with each other, in real time, even between different installations and locations.

Unicard Ticket is a system certified by AT, with number 967 and is properly prepared to create SAF-T(PT) files.

Movie theaters
Sports halls
Exhibition Centers
Theater Companies
Municipal Swimming Pools

System Manager

The system manager can, through a web interface, configure all system parameters including ticket insertion, modification and removal operations.

The system allows, for example, the definition of combined tickets with special prices for access to various museums and events.

Additionally, the manager interface includes tools that allow you to analyze, in real time, the events generated by the system and obtain corresponding reports.

sales operator

Unicard Ticket allows the sale of pre-configured tickets and corresponding printing, in addition to the use of vouchers as a payment method.

Tickets are grouped into pages to facilitate organization and simplify the sales operation. It should be noted that this solution allows you to define combined tickets with special prices for access to several museums or events.

Configuration of special prices and exceptions.

100% web service

Simplified service with centralized management, 100% web.

Software adapted to your needs with easy customization.

Interconnects with access control systems, allowing centralized management. Allows real-time report extraction.