Integrated management system for healthcare institutions

Hospitals, Health Centers and other institutions

Unicard Health is an integrated management system aimed at Hospitals, Health Centers and other institutions, presenting itself as a solution for access management, attendance registration, cashless payments and meal management that uses multimodal user identification means (card, smartphone, biometrics, bracelet and/or RFID button).

Unicard Health aims to speed up and simplify the daily management processes of institutions, and can cover facilities distributed in different locations.


Integrated management, access control, alarm monitoring. Monitors and records access to reserved locations.


Payment management within the institution. Prepaid balance or to be deducted upon maturity, using an identifier to operationalize payment in places where goods and services are sold.


Real-time information, extraction of reports and control of stocks and legal imperatives. Possibility of integration with an existing card system and connection to the company's databases.


Centralized management and easy customization. Provision of reports and extraction of SAF-T(PT) files. Alerts via SMS/Email.

Unicard Health promotes the security of the institution’s spaces by controlling access to prohibited or conditioned access locations, through the installation of physical barriers, such as turnstiles or intelligent identification equipment (biometrics, RFID, smartphone,…)

Regarding security in payments, Unicard Health allows the total elimination of the circulation of money within the institution, promoting top-up and payments through the system.

The use of these payment methods is quite comprehensive, integrating with vending and photocopy machines.

The transversal use of the card by the user not only allows greater autonomy, but also a considerably more practical day-to-day life. All purchases made with the Unicard Health card are registered in the system, and the user can, at any time, consult the movements made on their account.

Creation of faster and more effective procedures. In the case of buffets, payment by card or previously acquired ticket immediately eliminates cash and, therefore, the need for change.

This procedure contributes to increasing the quality of work of employees, who are focused on serving at the counter, not having other concerns in mind, as is the case when they also have to process payments.

Cross-referencing the information stored in the system allows the immediate issuance of reports on the most varied situations covered by Unicard Health.