Less bureaucracy,
more flexibility,
more time.

More information and communication,
satisfied users!

Access to updated data, in real time,

enabling decision making
informed and participated.

Tracking anywhere,

at any time.

Closer and more active school communities.

Everything becomes easier, more intuitive
and faster!

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We are a company dedicated to information and communication technologies, which intends that management tools assume a decentralizing role, dissipating bureaucratic processes and optimizing workflows.

Created in 2008, Inovar+AZ established the mission to streamline pedagogical and administrative management.

Always attentive to the needs of its customers, it develops and provides a reliable, diversified and innovative Integrated School Management Solution, which integrates valences in the areas of students, staff (teaching and non-teaching), accounting, SASE and assets, allowing for real optimization of resources, with quick and simple answers.


Customized Follow-up

Our customer support service has implemented an information system, which makes it possible to gather all requests, whether by telephone or email, in one place.

Accessibility and Usability

100% web with no limitations, accessible anywhere anytime.

Multi-User Customization

Professionals from different scientific and technical fields, dedicated 100% to customer satisfaction.

Update and Optimization

Our applications are hosted on customer servers or in data centers and are automatically updated regularly.

Multiplicity of Solutions

Committed to accuracy, innovation, quality and the development of school management tools.

Recognized Quality

Recognition in the national market boosted the focus on internationalization. We are building solid foundations and creating solutions tailored to each reality with which we come into contact.

More than 700 educational establishments use our applications every day!

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